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The Chicken Creek Gold Mine - Chicken, Alaska

Alaskan gold nugget Gold was first discovered in the Chicken Creek drainage in 1896, 10 years after the initial Fortymile discovery, and has been mined continuously since then with the exception 
of the war years. The F.E. Company, a subsidiary of the U.S. Smelting Refining & Mining Co., acquired most of the claims during the 1940s and dredged 2 miles of the creek 
from 1959 to 1967. Since then, several family operations have mined on the creek. The drainage has most likely produced over 100,000 oz of gold. 

The Chicken Creek Mine - Chicken, Alaska We began operating the Chicken Creek Mine in 1990 as lessees and purchased ground in 1998. In 2000, we began to implement a sustainable development plan incorporating mining, reclamation, tourism and local history. In 2001, our efforts were recognized by the State of Alaska when we received the prestigious Alaska Governor's Award for Mine Reclamation. In 2006, we were recognized nationally as the small mine operator of the year by the U.S. Interior Department with the Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Award.

Lately, our mining operation has taken a back seat to the rest of the business, but we continue to operate the Chicken Creek Mine as time permits. When we are operating, you are welcome to view the operation. And when we are not, there is plenty of gold for you to find, since most of the remaining ground is available for panning and recreational mining opportunities.

  • BLM Reclamation and Sustainable Mineral Development Award, September, 2006 (pdf, 1.8Mb)

  • North of 60 Mining Article, October 2006 (pdf, 4.3Mb)

    Mining on Nora Bench
    Mining on Nora Bench
    Panning at the mine
    Gold panning at Chicken, Alaska

    A 1000-ounce cleanup
    A 100-ounce cleanup at the Chicken Creek Mine - Chicken, Alaska
    An overview of the mine
    An overview of the Chicken Creek Mine

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